Rob Jones

Rob Jones

Garden Designer, Bee Keeper and lover of Black Labs

In the beginning

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Year one of my life as a beginner bee keeper, and the first job is to build a home for my new pets. Hence work starts on the hive. Arriving flat packed, flashbacks of my atrocious days at school in woodwork class sap my confidence. However these girls will need somewhere to live so I solider on. 

Fast forward a few weeks and my first WBC hive is built! I am thrilled, and confidence restored I contemplate woodwork classes (but not for long). Just a note here on  hives… The WBC is the design that most people would immediately recognise as a wooden beehive. Named after its designer William Broughton Carr, it has a pitched roof, short legs, and multiple storeys with sloping sides, giving it a pagoda-like appearance.

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